Westminster Venue Collection 

COVID-19 Content Creation Strategy




The past 2 months have been hugely challenging for us all and I would like to support venues with their content creation moving forward. I believe that it is vitally important during this time to show your venues are safe to visit and that photo and video can really help you share positive news and messages as and when you re-open.  

I would like to host group or 1-2-1 calls to discuss this further & explore options. 


Group or 1-2-1 'Zoom' call, May 2020:

I would really like the opportunity to speak to the venues within the group to understand how photography & video can and will be used over the coming months.

I appreciate that there will be financial challenges but before looking at costs and budget, I would like to understand what the venues want and need, and how the right content creation can assist you and lead to people using your venues again with confidence soon.


Conference call objectives:

Discuss the requirements that your venue needs to show as a result of COVID-19. We can share ideas and develop a strong content strategy for;

  • Bids & Proposals
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Live Video - Strategy for going live once the venue is open
  • How can we increase employee & buyer confidence that you venue is safe to enter and work in


Dates for 60 minute Zoom call:

  • Wednesday 20th May 2020 - 2pm
  • Thursday 21st May - 11am
  • Friday 22nd - 12pm

If these dates do not work or if you would prefer to have a 1-2-1 call, please let me know an we can arrange


Thank You

[email protected]