Guestbook for Wedding
Stuart & Tammy Lyle(non-registered)
Lunny is was a guest at our wedding and I could not believe how many fantastic photos he took throughout the day and evening without us really noticing!

He captured some amazing moments between friends and family and I am so grateful that he took the time to create us a photo album on Facebook for everyone to share.

Had we known, I definitely would have hired him as our official photographer!

We love to keep up to date with his ventures around London as he does produce some beautiful pictures :)
Alaine Standing(non-registered)
Lunny attended our wedding as a guest but seeing as he is no-where without his camera he went about unofficially and unobtrusively documenting our day, to great suprise. Lunny perfectly captured intimate and personal moments of our day, and with a personal flair encapsulated the atmosphere that was lost by our official photography. To say we were thrilled with his photographs is an understatement and we continue to enjoy seeing his work unfold.
Ric Boullemier(non-registered)
Lunny was a guest at our wedding and we knew he’d take a few pics although didn't realise quite how many and just how good they would be.

He captured so many unique moments and then made us the most fantastic surprise hardback wedding album... which we LOVED.

All the pics on facebook quickly became profile pics for loads of our guests the short videos went down really well.

Me and Mrs B greatly appreciate all the effort you went to and can't wait to see more from the Lunndon Eye.

Would highly recommend his services.