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On Thursday evening I saw a few photos on social media of an orange sky over the Putney & Fulham area.  Last night with somewhat foggy conditions I took a walk along the river to see if for myself. 

Here are a few images with an incredible with an incredible glow:



(Andrew Lunn Photography) FC Fulham London Night Photography Sat, 09 Jan 2021 14:56:57 GMT

Standard Chartered Great City Race



The roads were closed this evening as the Great City Race was upon us once again.  I stepped out side onto the streets on Moorgate to enjoy the buzz of the runners and spectators who gathered to show their support.  The Globe Pub was ideally positioned on the cross roads where runners looped around

Well done to everyone involved; The runners, volenteers, vocal spectators and the visually impaired runners, who made their way around with their guides. 'Seeing is Believing' is written on many shirts and thats a great reminder to us all.  I think it's also valuable to remember that you must believe it can happen if you are ever to see it. 

Click to view full album;

If you or your organisation would like a copy of the photo's please email me; [email protected]



(Andrew Lunn Photography) 5k London Run Running Tue, 17 Jul 2018 20:55:44 GMT
ITV Statues represent a hard hitting stat across Britain ITV Statues represent a hard hitting stat

across Britain


This week the ITV studios have 84 statues on their roof top, representing the number of men who take their own lives each week in Britain. Let's hope the campaign gets people talking and helps prevent many more. 

ITV launched #Project84 to prevent male suicide.

I shot a few images of the ITV Tower & Studio last night which are located in the heart of London on the South Bank;

This building is in fact very square, however from different perspective it can look round. I guess in life, things ain't always as they seem!


(Andrew Lunn Photography) london Wed, 28 Mar 2018 05:46:30 GMT
Macmillan - #WorldsBiggestCoffeeMorning #WorldsBiggestCoffeeMorning

The day has arrived for another attempt at the worlds biggest coffee morning.  It's Friday 29th September 2017 and the nation is cooking up a storm. 

Big shout out to Aletheia Hunn, Director of Founded Wellness who has organised a morning of treats at her co-working space, WeWork in Moorgate, London. Many members with in the work space are donating cakes and coins to help raise more money for a great cause. 

Some fantastic cakes up for grabs, the Rocky Road is exquisite; 



(Andrew Lunn Photography) #worldsbiggestcoffeemorning charity london macmillan Fri, 29 Sep 2017 10:16:56 GMT
My First Video is ready for YouTube The time has arrived when I need to start my own YouTube channel to share my interest, passion and experience within Photography. Over the past few years I have worked hard developing my portfolio and skill set.  Life is busy and time is very precious, however I want and need to devote time to sharing more of what I do through my blog, YouTube and other social channels. 

So last week I partnered up with Victor of Three Blokes Productions and we shot a short video with Danubia & Victoria ahead of their show for African Fashion Week at the Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden, London.... Keep an eye out for a blog post with those images.

Here's the video that we had a lot of fun shooting and I will get my YouTube Channel live soon. 

Thanks to everyone involved and here are their Instagram links if you would like to follow them; 

Want to arrange a shoot?

Please do get in touch;

[email protected]


Key Photography Gear;

  • Nikon D810
  • Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens
  • Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens
  • Godox AD600 Monolight
  • Westcott Rapid Box XL
(Andrew Lunn Photography) blokes fashion london models productions three video Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:08:22 GMT
My Dad's story was featured by Fulham Football Club It was with great delight that I picked up the phone from my Dad to hear him tell me that he recently wrote in to Fulham Football Club to share a story from his childhood when he met Johnny Haynes.  Fulham have recently been asking fans to share their favourite stories from the past with the most memorable being featured on the site, and Dads was chosen; Check out the Maestro Memories here.

My Dad is a life long Fulham fan and he took my brother and I to Craven Cottage to many matches over the years. I've enjoyed seeing the ground develop and still remember when I was a kid standing on the terraces around 25 years ago. I shot a few images of the stadium a little while back and had a print of the Johnny Haynes statue blown up for my Dad which now hangs on their wall at home. 

When I speak to my Dad about Johnny Hayes there's an instant sound of excitement in his voice. A real flair player with outstanding passing abilities. Dad said Pele described him as the best passer of the ball and if you get a comment like that from Pele you know you are up there with the greats. I watched a video on the Fulham FC website and the players said that Jonny just had a magical way of getting the ball to people's feet even when he had his back to them.  So a legend of the game was also a legend in my Dad's eyes and I please to share his story with you now, when Dad ran to buy a deck of cards for the legend; 

Here is my Dad's story along with a photo I shot of the Johnny Haynes statue earlier this year, March 2015. 

*Snap shot above taken from

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Tue, 20 Oct 2015 11:08:49 GMT
Cake for Macmillan by The Cake App at WeWork As I walked into WeWork in Moorgate this morning I saw a great set up taking place to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Some fantastic effort from Shauna McGill of Cake and Emma Chipperfield of WeWork along with donations from lots of people and businesses located at WeWork.

Some amazing cakes on display;

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Fri, 25 Sep 2015 10:26:52 GMT
Pizza: Never let it go to waste Pizza - Never let it go to waste

I shot a corporate event last night (Sunday 20th Sept 2015) for WeWork and there was a few boxes of Pizza left over.  It's fair to say that I love Pizza so I gratefully accepted a slice or 2 and compliments to Voodoo Ray's Pizza, it tasted great. 

We don't like to see good food go to waste and WeWork have a great community spirit which I like to have inside and outside of the office.  So I picked up a box full of 22'' Pizza and decided to go and find a few people in London.  I figured I would aim to find homeless people but that soon got delayed as I stepped onto the Tube. 2 ladies looked at this monster of a Pizza Box and their eyes beamed with excitement. I may have to take a this box around as my new wing man. Anyway, jokes aside & we got chatting and they gratefully accepted the Pizza. I said to keep an eye on my blog as there could be a story to share about my Pizza. I just received a message on facebook chasing me for the pic's and the blog. The joys of Social Media, haha! So here it is in 3 steps;

One - The tube from Moorgate to London Bridge where I met the ladies looking for a little feast on the tube. 

Two - A walk from London Bridge down the South Bank. I've done this walk so many times and see the occasional poor person asking for some food. To my surprise but delight I actually struggled to find many homeless people on my walk. I did see see a couple of good buskers though who both  looked to be enjoying their time in front of the mic. 

Three - People on the Street. 

So I walked about 1.5 miles along the Southbank to the Hungerford Bridge. I love this brige and have shot may night time photo and a few at dawn. Sadly I had found my first homeless person. He was Romanian and about 50 years old. Said he came to London and just couldn't find work. I gave him a slice and we had a chat for a minute or 2. I gave him a second slice as I left and he was grateful. 

I decided to head for the strand an there are sadly always a few people sitting in door ways there. I saw a man by the well know burger joint and he actually said thanks but no thanks to some pizza. He said he had eaten 4 burgers in the last hour and was stuffed. I said what about for breakfast but he said not to worry. 

I then crossed the road to see a little lady who was making a fairly creative set up of boxes to sleep in for the night. I opened the box of Pizza and she said she would like some, just a little bit. She was tiny so I think one of these monster slices will keep her going for a bit.  A few doors down from her was a guy in a sleeping bag and I saw a guy drop off a few bagettes by his side which was good to see.  

Down the Strand towards Waterloo bridge and I saw 3 men on the corner and I had three slices left in the box. They were pretty drunk and I felt I'd find someone who would put the food to better use. As I got to Waterloo station there were dozens of people walking past a man selling the Big Issue. I went and said hello to him and he was well up for some food. I gave the box and the look in his eye was one of gratitude but sadly this is only a very minor help to him. 

A few different emotions as I did my London walk. One thing that did make me laugh was the man by McDonalds crossed paths with me at Waterloo. It was just before I saw the gent selling the big issue. Anyway, He looked at me carrying this massive box and said 'are you still trying to find someone to give that Pizza to?'. I laughed and said yes.

I'm glad there weren't many people on the streets, but when I went home and travelled through Clapham Junction without the Pizza I saw a lady asking for change.  We can't help everyone but crossed the road and thought to myself, how are there people still living on the street in current times. 







(Andrew Lunn Photography) Mon, 21 Sep 2015 22:26:23 GMT
Street Performer was on Fire in Trafalgar Square Last night I passed through Trafalgar Square and shot a few pic of this fire eating Steet Performer. His audience engagement was top draw and I think everyone was really impressed with is act. Worth Keeping an eye out for this Italian next time you pass through the streets of Central London 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) London Street Performer Trafalgar Square Sun, 26 Jul 2015 10:17:48 GMT
London Eye turns White for VE Day 70 Celebrations Last night I headed into London to catch a few shots of the London Eye which turned White for the VE Day 70 Celebrations.

(Andrew Lunn Photography) London London Eye Sun, 10 May 2015 07:00:10 GMT
Steak & Lobster - Great restaurant for a group Birthday meal Last night a dozen of us ventured into Steak & Lobster on Warren Street. The venue is absolutely massive, far bigger than what I would have guess as we walked up to the door. 

Celebrating my good mates birthday this was a great venue. Steak or Lobster for £20 makes ordering food simple and decisive. The service was fun and friendly and they kept us well stocked with chips and salad..... and wine of course. 

I'd recommend this restaurant, it has a nice lay out and if your looking for a group venue this will cater for you nicely.

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Restaurant Review Wed, 08 Apr 2015 08:33:18 GMT
Fitness First - Great set up in their high end gyms I've been a member of my gym (a close competitor to Fitness First) for well over 10 years and have never really considered switching to any other health club, in fact I've never even been tempted to go and have a look. 

However, the staff of Fitness First in Streatham were recently handing out bottles of water on the street and we got chatting. I had my camera with me as I had just finished a shoot so I asked if they wanted a quick photograph that I could tweet and help promote their day. The staff were very friendly and we soon got chatting and having a laugh. On this rare occasion I accepted their invite to have a look inside and I have to say it certainly opened my eyes in a positive way. 

My honest perception was that Fitness First were a very high turnover gym who were more interested in signing members up for profit than offering a nice training environment and health club for members. But I have a good friend who works in their finance team and he occasionally says to me that I should drop in and have a look. Due to significant investment and a premium re-branding the Fitness First is probably not what I perceived it to be nor what it once may have been.  I decided on this day to step inside and the facilities were great. It's far bigger than I imagined based on the outside entrance and the staff were certainly very welcoming. I've worked in the Leisure industry many years ago at a 5* venue and my degree back in the day was based on the Leisure Industry. So I have a good feel for clubs and what I think many of them lack is a genuine personality where staff and members engage and have decent conversation. 

I was shown around by Saba and as she gave me the grand tour there were a few members that she knew by name. That's not rocket science but I feel its an attention to detail that many clubs lack. 

I have attached a few pic's below including a quick team shot as I left the club. It's great to see the team vibe and by the looks of things, Fitness First have certainly changed for the better based on my limited experience. 


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Fitness First Health Club Tue, 07 Apr 2015 14:13:20 GMT
Craven Cottage - The first stop for my #StadiumsByLunny project I have fond memories from life as a kid going to watch Fulham play with my Dad and older brother. Back then we were on the terraces and I have a few very clear memories in my mind of how the stadium looked back then. I remember seats being installed and various ground developments over the year. It's fair to say that the ground if very different from 25 years ago when I used to go and watch. That said, it still possesses a huge amount of character and tradition that some modern stadiums lack.

Well worth a visit to watch Fulham Play, I'll be back there soon to watch with my Dad.

Here are a few shots taken recently of Craven Cottage.  This album will continue to evolve and I will shoot more at Fulham and sports stadiums across London and indeed the world.  




(Andrew Lunn Photography) Craven Cottage Football Football Stadium Fulham FC Stadiums By Lunny Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:06:26 GMT
London Fashion Week 2015 A busy start to the year presented me with half chance of an exciting opportunity to shoot on the Run Way at the London Fashion Week. Fair to say I was there to take it get shooting. I really enjoyed it and met some nice people along the way. Hope you enjoy my photographs. 

Click here to view more LFW photographs

To purchase photographs please click here or email [email protected] 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Fashion Photography London Fashion Week Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:51:51 GMT
Was it an Asteroid that I saw passing over London tonight??? I was shooting at dusk this evening near Temple Pier and the moon looked great so I took a shot.......... And then suddenly a white line appeared so I took a few more photographs before making a more detailed assessment. 

The First image was the moon and the second shows the white subject enter my frame. The additional photographs show it pass by the moon and the relationship of the moons position in relation to the moving subject. 

  • Image 1 - Time 19.03.43 
  • Image 2 - Time 19.05.06 
  • Image 3 - Time 19.05.31 
  • Image 4 - Time 19.05.43  
  • Image 5 - Time 19.06.03 
  • Image 6 - Time 19.08.08  

I will send this on to NASA and see if they have any ideas on what it was. If any one knows please let me know.

Copyright on all images. Click here to enquire or email [email protected] to purchase. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Asteroid London dusk walk Sun, 22 Mar 2015 23:03:33 GMT
St Patricks Day 2015 - London Eye goes Green It's not the first time the London Eye has switched colours to green, so on St Patricks day yesterday it was not shock to see it illuminate the skies as it did. 

I took a look from a few angles as you can see;

(Andrew Lunn Photography) London Eye Night Photography St Patricks Day Wed, 18 Mar 2015 12:37:49 GMT
Richmond by the River I was shooting in Richmond yesterday and I just love the sunsets by the river there. If you haven't yet been it's well worth a visit.  There are lots of nice bars and restaurants and the river bank will be full of vibrance in the summer.

Here are a few pics and it's well worth a visit.

....... and her is one from a couple of weeks back;


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Richmond Fri, 06 Mar 2015 13:13:29 GMT
Burger Review - Honky Tonk Clapham: S'Tonk'ing I had lunch at Honky Tonk in Clapham this afternoon in SW London. I've had a few beers here in the past but this was my first foodie experience with them.  

As you can see by my pics, the food is well presented and served on a wooden board which I like.  Everything tasted great although I would have preferred a medium rare burger, it was a touch over cooked from my ideal. 

The venue is dynamic and you are instantly greeted with banter with a comical message by the front door. In terms of a 'Burger Experience' this get the thumbs up. There's a good atmosphere, dinng tables, high bar stools & tables and a well stocked bar. There is even a wheel of fortune to have a spin on. Well worth a visit and just a stones throw from Clapham Common Tube station

£12.95 for Burger with chips & they throw in the banter for free. 

Check them out

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Burger Blog Clapham Wed, 04 Mar 2015 16:36:02 GMT
How I booked my first Wedding I'd like to share a little story about how I booked my first Wedding and the passion that lays behind my camera when shooting such a grand day;

Over the years I've had the pleasure of attending many Weddings as a guest, an an Usher and even a Toastmaster which was a real delight. I have always enjoyed a good Wedding and the atmosphere they generate. In 2014, I attended four weddings as a guest and my desire to capture their day in my own way went on camera.  Shooting my own pics made a truly authentic wedding gift and I had some phenomenal feedback.  I made social media albums, short videos and hardback books. I simply fell in love with the creative process.

As my skills and experience increased with the camera I considered myself an 'Un-offical Photographer' and had plenty of banter with it. I loved capturing the shots the official photographers couldn't. This is because no photographer can be in two places at once & secondly because I have my own imagination and style to innovate.  

In March 2014 I shot pics at Tim and Alaine's big day after buying my first Nikon camera & lens. The Lyle's & then Mckrells Weddings we're great fun and in the most recent Wedding for Ric & Julia I hardly put my camera down. I'd developed ideas from previous weddings and with such a stunning venue at Aynehoe Park it made for a great photographic album.  

Below is snap shot slide show of 2014 where I attended and shot pics as a guest for Tim & Alaine Standing, Stu & Tammy Lyle, John & Lucy Mckrell and most Recently Ric & Julia Boullemier;

I've had an interest in photography for well over a decade but 2014 was the year of true progression for me.  I went from social media albums to my own website. I had shots published in newspapers including The London Metro (3 million readers per day) and people are now commissioning me to shoot personal or corporate events. I said yes to new opportunities and then learned fast how to shoot and deliver for them. It's been a fantastic few months and rewarding for me in many ways. Just last weekend I was on the Catwalk at London Fashion week. Shooting in a range of environments is so important in terms of shaping my skills set.  Photographing models is great practice for shooting a stunning bride on her Wedding Day.  

So How did I book my first Wedding?

1 - Go to a Wedding Fair: In October my good friend Ric Devine invited me up to the Midlands. 'Tricky' is a GM at a Golf Club which plays host to many Weddings throughout the year. They had a Wedding fair and he said I should go and meet their Wedding photographer and network with any relevant contacts. I took some good ideas away and made a couple of useful contacts which quickly opened new doors for me and my photography. So thanks Tricky for 'telling' me I need to come and visit your wedding fair.

2 - Be asked to be the official photographer - In December an old football mate of mine dropped me a message to find out if I was shooting Weddings professionally. My response was essentially to explain that I haven't been an official photographer at a Wedding but if you like my style then I'd love to have yours as my first booking. Once someone approached me to shoot their Wedding I knew I was now at a point where I could take this passion from an enthusiastic guest to more official duties. Before I knew it I was on Youtube, Pinterest & reading books to get inspiration for cool ideas and a well thought out strategy to shoot an awesome Wedding. This is a day that will be looked back on for years to come and now I am tasked with ensuring I capture the memories in the best possible way.  

I hadn't met Jamie's fiancee before so as the New Year turned I invited them to London to talk through ideas and have a few shots in my #LunndonEye territory. We got on well and my style sits well with how they want their Wedding shot.  I think it's cool to capture an 'Engagement' type album so we had a bit of fun as we walked around Westminster

Learning from the best:

In January 2015 I spent a day in Aylesbury with good friend Ross Holkham who is a fantastic and highly experienced Wedding Photographer. Ross and I were born 2 weeks apart so I've known him my whole life and trust his advice highly. There's so much that goes into the detail of shooting a Wedding and I love to learn from the best and if you check out Ross's albums and reviews you'll see that his quality is right up there. Ross - Thanks very much for the tips and given how competitive you know I am I'll be sure to rival your high standards ASAP. 

My Second Wedding booking 

I was delighted to get my first Wedding booked and around the time of meeting Ross for a day, a second friend asked if I would shoot their Wedding.  Jenny & Declan are a fab couple and I've got to know them well in recent years. We only meet up occasionally but when we do it's a blast.  So based on my 'Un-offical Duties' that they saw at Ric & Julia's Wedding, Jenny said they'd love to have me shoot their day.  I can't wait to shoot for them and add to this pic I took at the Boullemier's. 

Closing thoughts:

I love the sentiment of a Wedding day. I've kept the invitations and 'Thank you' cards in a little black box over the years..... I may need a bigger box soon but I do like to keep a collection. They each hold their own memories and in decades to come I'll be looking back on them with fondness. 

The Wedding photographs in this blog were shot last year and as a guest. I have since invested in a high end Nikon camera & various lenses (and everything else I need to get the shot right). I expect my official Wedding Photography to improve upon everything you have seen so far from me.

No Wedding will be 'just a job' for me...... It's a day to cherish that I will capture in the best way I know how.

Please do share this blog post with friends and if you would like to discuss my Wedding Photography packages, please click here to enquire or drop me an email to arrange a call [email protected] 

Thank You

ps. Please feel free to visit my Testimonials Page.

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London White Collar Boxing at Gym Box Holborn (Saparing session) I headed down to the Gym Box in Holborn yesterday lunch time to shoot some pic's of these ameteur boxers as they prepare for their fight night next month.

The venue here is idea for such preparations. Great facilities, well organised and DJ Decks at the ready to pump up the music. 

Click here to view more photo's and if you need tickets for the event let me know and I'll share the details. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Boxing Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:09:30 GMT
Fashion shoot with 'Casey Paul Styling' Earlier this week I had the pleasure of shooting with celebrity stylist Casey Paul, a successful fashion entrepreneur who is also the Founder of The Little Wardrobe in Windsor. 

Click here to check out Casey's blog post 'Turn Up' where she discusses her choice of casual spring clothes.  


Connect with Casey online;

To book a fashion or lifestyle shoot please email [email protected] 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) A Shoot With Fashion Photography Sat, 21 Feb 2015 09:56:32 GMT
My first Insta Meet-up.......... I remember when someone told me about Instagram a few years back - What is it I asked... 'It's an app where you can upload and share your photo's'. Who's wants to see a strangers photo I thought to myself!!! Little did I know that a few years later Instagram would grow to be one of the most popular and highly used social media apps on the market. There is a whole community out there and its a fantastic way to connect with like minded people.

So yesterday I attended my first Instagram Meet Up and really enjoyed socialising with some new people who love photography. Different people have different styles and the skills sets vary from beginner to professional. The one thing everyone has in common is that we all love to shoot!

Here are a selection of photo's from the day and more can be viewed if you click here:



(Andrew Lunn Photography) Instameet Mon, 16 Feb 2015 13:53:59 GMT
Live music at the Bedford on Wednesdays Last night I went to watch my friends brothers band perform at the legendary Bedford Pub in Balham.  Charlie Rhymes was one of a handful of artists who performed 3 or 4 songs each throughout the night. 

The night was well hosted by Tony Moore who combined his light hearted and comical approach with some impressive acronyms and birth date mathematics.... You'll have to ask him about how he can tell you which day you were born based on your date of birth.

All in all it was a very good night with some impressive local talent performing. More photo's available if you click here.



All photographs copyright to Andrew Lunn Photography.  Please feel free to enquire or email me to purchase images or hire me to shoot at your next event. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Balham Charlie Rhymes Live Music Thu, 12 Feb 2015 18:12:21 GMT
Ascot United secure a place in the last 8 of the FA Vase #RoadToWembley I was back at the Race Course ground on Saturday and delighted to see Ascot secure a fairly comfortable 3-0 win despite being 3/1 underdogs. The result secures a match away to St Austel in Cornwall where there is expected to be a gate of circa 1000 people.

On Saturday the racecourse hosted just under 300 local fans to watch play Norwich who have been in great form this season. 

With Keeper Chris Grace offering a very safe pair of hands, commanding presence and solid kicking the foundations looked great from the back. 

Click here for more Match Photos

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Ascot United FA Vase Tue, 10 Feb 2015 00:57:19 GMT
Last night there was a Halo around the Moon Around 10pm last night I saw a status update on Facebook to say there was a halo shinning around the moon. I stuck my head out the window on an ice cold evening to see it. There are quite a few street lights on my road so I decided to jump on my bike to the common and shoot from there in the darkness. Here's how I saw the Moon last night;

It's essential to shoot from the Tripod in these conditions to get sharp images;



(Andrew Lunn Photography) Moon Night photography Tue, 03 Feb 2015 09:03:12 GMT
A frosty morning sunrise in Streatham I shot this sunrise back in December and with the recent frosty and sunny mornings I decided today to look back at a few shot's from that cold morning. It gets a bit chilly waiting for the sun to come up but it's worth it when you have a moment like this to capture. 

Photo shot on Streatham Common in December 2014. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Streatham Sunrise Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:11:54 GMT
Match winning 'shot' was 1st on the Non-League photo's list There is a non league football blog and on the weekend my match winning photo made it to number 1 on their 'Brilliant #Nonleague Photo's list;

Thanks NonLeague for sharing and to Joe Grant for scoring such a great winner. Ascot United play in the last 16 on 7th February in the FA Vase at the Racecourse Ground. 

My other photo's from the match can be viewed here

Copyright on all photographs. Please click here to enquire & purchase photographs or email [email protected] 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Ascot United Football Tue, 20 Jan 2015 10:16:37 GMT
Ascot United 4-2 Colliers Wood (AET) Today I returned to my old Football Club Ascot United who welcomed Colliers Wood in the last 32 of the FA Vase.  My old strike Partner Jon Bennett put Ascot up in the first half with after testing the keeper from 20 Yards out. The match was 2-2 after full time and Ascot won 4-2 with 2 late goals in extra time, the second of which was an absolute peach which I was well positioned to capture. 

Below are a few highlights and more photo's can be viewed if you click here

Pre Match warm up

JB Celebrates - Ascot 1 up

Colliers Wood Keeper protests his innocence but my camera suggest the Ref made the right call

Robbie Saunders puts Ascot ahead 2-1 from the spot

Winning in Style #TopCorner


Skipper signing autographs after the game 

Nice crowd, over 200 today

Good luck to Ascot in the last 16

Copyright on all photographs. Please click here to enquire & purchase photographs or email [email protected] 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Ascot United Sat, 17 Jan 2015 21:13:18 GMT
December 2014 - My Favourite shots last month December 2015 in Pics

December was my first full month since launching my photography Website and a fair few opportunities presented themselves which I enjoyed capturing;

Lights On Streatham

Front page of the South London Press

Picture in the Metro

Christmas Lights

White Collar Boxing

Staff Christmas Party for The Brain People

Windlesham Pram Race

London Walk with new friends

I hope you've enjoyed my review of December and hope you are out there building your own memorable collection.

Best Wishes

[email protected] 

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(Andrew Lunn Photography) Shots of the Month Tue, 13 Jan 2015 19:45:41 GMT
Front Page of the Woking Press..... I just received the PDF copy of the Woking Press which went out on the 1st January 2015. They used 18 Photographs that I shot on Boxing Day Capturing the Windlesham Pram Race.

If you missed my earlier Blog post written soon after the event and want to know more just click here to read my earlier post.

(Andrew Lunn Photography) In The Press Tue, 13 Jan 2015 13:13:40 GMT
Ice Hockey in Streatham is well worth a look I dropped in to watch the Streatham Redskins over play Cardiff before Christmas. I was keen to see what the vibe is like for my local Ice Hockey team. The last game I watched live was most likely in 2004 when I lived in the States. So it's been a while and to be fair I really enjoyed returning to the rink. This is a very fast paced sport and the competitive edged was very high amongst all players.  
Cardiff were the travelling side and this is a great arena for them to play in at this level.  Streatham Ice Rink is around 1 year old now and it makes a great social environment for people of all ages to go and watch. There were families enjoying and afternoon out, teenagers through to a few retired folk. There area even couples there and why not, it's a good way to spend a couple of hours on the weekend, drinking a beer and watching live entertainment. 
I was impressed and would recommend it to people who are in search of a new spectacle. I'll be back soon I'm sure.    
Click here for full album:

If you would like to book me for a photography shoot then please get in touch;


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Ice Hockey London Sport Photography Streatham Wed, 07 Jan 2015 12:42:50 GMT
New Business Card design...... I recently posted a logo & business card design on Facebook for feedback. It was a useful exercise with a very positive response. The re-occuring feedback was to make the tripod into a more obvious 'A', which I took on board and David Jenner ( evolved the design with excellence. 

Here is the final product:

The initial logo design that I posted on Facebook for review:

Thank you for all the feedback and let me know if you ever need me to shoot your event or fine occasion. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Wed, 07 Jan 2015 09:32:37 GMT
Happy New Year 2015 Happy New Year 2015..........

I made my way to Central to capture the fire works live for my first time. Here are a few shots from the evening;

Click here to watch the BBC's Video of the Fireworks

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Fireworks London LunndonEye New Years Eve Thu, 01 Jan 2015 21:41:15 GMT
The Windlesham Pram Race - Boxing Day 2014 What better way to run off the Christmas Day feast than a Pram Race around the Pubs of Windlesham.  

Check out my selection of photo's capturing the creative Fancy Dress efforts from many locals as the casually race their way through local pubs raising money for Charity.

Click here for full album 

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(Andrew Lunn Photography) Boxing Day Charity Event Fancy Dress Windlesham Sun, 28 Dec 2014 20:23:56 GMT
In December 2014 my Photographs made The Metro & South London Press 2014 has certainly been a year for truly discovering photography and progressing a passion into my career.  I have evolved from shooting London Landscape through to friends weddings, corporate events and now I have been published in 2 London News papers in the same month.

I like to set myself goals and I recently set my self a clear objective to have a photography published in a London newspaper with in 6 months. Thanks to the #LightsOnStreatham project which I invested a fair amount of time into voluntarily, I have achieved my goal with in a matter of weeks instead of months.  When it comes to Goal setting, sometimes you need to think more about 'What' you want to achieve rather than 'How' you can achieve it, and this was certainly one of those occasions as I had zero visibility of hitting the press when I wrote my goal down. 

Below are images of the 2 news papers that have covered my work; The Metro, which has over 3 million readers every day and The South London Press for a more local audience. My photographs can be seen in the #LightsOnStreatham album that I put together if you click here.

I look forward to more challenging projects in 2015 so please do contact me here if you would like to discuss any opportunities. 

Cafe Barcelona is the featured shot:

The South London Press featuring Local Labour MP Chuka Umunna and British Actor David Harewood:

(Andrew Lunn Photography) In the Press Metro Newspaper Tue, 23 Dec 2014 11:26:29 GMT
Check out SHEEPYS on London Southbank I met up with my old mate JH who runs Sheepys with his lovely partner Nicole. They have a great range of British products that have family roots and they're both passionate about supplying for the Londoner's and of course the many tourists. 

His energy is high and banter is strong which means you'll be laughing before you know it.  The ladies who were trying on the hats were passing by so it was good to capture a few shots of the hats being worn..... 

Check them out online - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

(Andrew Lunn Photography) London Southbank Tue, 16 Dec 2014 23:40:07 GMT
''London Life'' shared my photography generating over 1000 'likes' and over 100 'shares' A popular Facebook Page called London Life have recently picked up on my photography and asked if they could share some of my work on their feed. I was complimented and touched by the recognition and more than happy to gain some extra exposure across London.

They have over 31,000 followers and the shot below received over 1,000 'Likes' and over 100 'Shares'. 

More of my Christmas Photographs can be viewed and if you click here

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Christmas Christmas Lights London Oxford Street Wed, 03 Dec 2014 11:56:38 GMT
3 new friends jump in front of my camera...... I was taking a few shots on the spectacularly decorated South Molton Street when these young ladies asked me to take a pic on their iPhone. I took their photo and not before long they were in front of my camera and I was snapping away for a bit of fun. 

I often meet people on my travels with the camera, in fact more and more as time goes on. Earlier in the evening a guy asked me for some advice because his lens was generating a large vignette that he wanted to get rid of. 

Anyway, here are the pics and I'll ping them to the girls soon.


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Christmas Lights London Strangers Wed, 03 Dec 2014 00:42:47 GMT
Christmas Lights in London 2014 Christmas... a month where one of the livliest cities in the world takes it up 1 notch further. I'll be capturing a few Christmas lights and no doubt some party action on my travels;

Click here for the Christmas 2014 Album.

Here are a few of my favourites so far;


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Christmas Christmas Lights London Wed, 03 Dec 2014 00:15:03 GMT
#LightsOnStreatham - I have offered to take some festive photos......... At the end of November I was in a conversation with @ShoutStreatham regarding the #LightsOnStreatham campaign which is a local initiative designed to inspire more lights along Streatham High Street during the festive period. I offered to take photographs and raise awareness via social media of the local participants including many shops, bars, restaurants, cafe's and local businesses.  Their efforts to decorate their window fronts for festive / Christmas period was excellent and a select few had some more professional help from local artists. Further details can be read here

Saturday 6th December and the Official 'Switch On' was hosted by Lambour MP Chucka Umuna and British Actor David Harewood. The location was outside the Manor Arm's Pub and links into the Small Business Saturday - Follow them on Twitter.  

I have set up an album which can be viewed here and a few preview photography's are below;

© I maintain the copyright to all photographys and can be contacted via email: [email protected]





Help from the local Artists..... 

Want to see more...... There is an album which can be viewed here

(Andrew Lunn Photography) LightsOnStreatham Streatham london Tue, 02 Dec 2014 00:15:25 GMT
I'm not sure if the deer were pleased to see me! Yesterday I went to Richmond Park to shoot photographs of the Deer around sunset. I'm not sure if they were please to see me as I received a few funny looks. 

Check out some other pic's;

Deer in Richmond ParkDeer in Richmond Park


Deer in Richmond ParkDeer in Richmond Park Deer in Richmond ParkDeer in Richmond Park


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Deer London Richmond Park Sunset Wildlife Tue, 25 Nov 2014 11:19:45 GMT
A Stunning Sunset in Richmond today, SW London I was heading to Richmond Park this afternoon to shoot photo's of Deer for a Christmas Card project. As I was on the train with my bike I could tell that the sunset was set to be a good one. The closer I got to Richmond Hill the better and the result was an absolute peach. I locked my bike up and had a walk to shoot from a few angles. There were many good angles to choose from. The clarity of the sunshine, an almost perfect circle is something I don't see very often, so I was delighted to capture this moment.

I got chatting to a fellow photographer who introduced me to his agency locally so I will take a look at what opportunities are available to sell my images. It's great being out with the camera, meeting new people and having the freedom to to explore new avenues. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Dusk London Richmond River sunset Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:29:41 GMT
Today I was the Photographer at The Brain People for NLP training. Last year I attended a foundation NLP course in London with The Brain People. Today I was their photographer. 
If you've ever wondered what NLP is, or know what it is and need some further training then please let me know. It's a great subject area and I would recommend James and his Team for foundation courses or those seeking the practitioner qualification.
(Andrew Lunn Photography) Corporate Photography London NLP The Brain People Training Fri, 21 Nov 2014 16:02:36 GMT
The Italians like the Christmas Tree in Covent Garden As I walked through Covent Garden this evening I took a couple of photographys of the huge Christmas Tree. It's impressive so well worth a look if you are passing by.

I was asked to take a photo by these Italian tourists on their camera phone. I offered to take a pic on my camera which they can now get via my Facebook Page.


(Andrew Lunn Photography) Christmas Christmas Lights Christmas tree Covent Garden London LunndonEye Tourists strangers Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:25:48 GMT
My photo from Remembrance Sunday is now on sale On Sunday I was in Tower of London for the crack of Dawn. The forecast looked a bit cloudy but the sunshine was due to shine through at some point. I intended to get a shot from positioned on the corner to the left so that I could capture Tower Bridge. However it was very Cloudy to start with and little sign of Sunshine.  So I took a walk up in amongst the many people who had also arrived early and found myself in a great spot where I took this photo from. It was starting to brighten just a bit and I new that If the sun broke through I was well positioned to capture it. Once It came through I was delighted to mark such a memorable occasion with a nice photo.

Later that afternoon I spoke to David Jenner ( who is my photography mentor at the moment. He has been very helpful sharing his years of experience with me.  I was delighted with the end result, and am please to be able to share it with my friends and family, and thanks to social media, many other people who I've never met but who may be interested.

I have made this photo available to buy so check out this link.


(Andrew Lunn Photography) History London London' Poppies Remembrance Sunday, Tower WW1 of Tue, 11 Nov 2014 15:17:22 GMT
5 Austrian tourists enjoying a late night stroll...... Just after 11pm on Sunday evening I was walking back to London Bridge to catch a tube home. I got chatting to these 5 Austrian tourists. They're a nice bunch so I took a few photo's for them. Hopefully it will leave them with a few nice memories of the fantastic Tower Bridge. 

(Andrew Lunn Photography) London LunndonEye Night Photography Portrait Tourists Tower Bridge Mon, 03 Nov 2014 01:47:35 GMT
Beware of Zombies on Tower Bridge Last night I was taking some long exposure pics on Tower Bridge. It's Halloween and a lot of people were out in Fancy dress.  In fact I almost got attacked by some Zombies. 

More pic's available on my Facebook page #LunndonEye

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Fancy dress Halloween London Strangers Tower Bridge Zombies Sat, 01 Nov 2014 10:10:08 GMT
New Food Market in Streatham Last weekend I cycled through Streatham, SW London and stopped off at the relatively new Food Market. There was a great selection of fresh food on show as you’ll be able to see by my photo’s. They are there weekly until around 10am-3pm so drop by near St Leonards Church if you are passing around this time on a Saturday.

You can also check out my Facebook Page #LunndonEye to see photos of the market and anything else I see of interest on my travels.  Please feel free to like any photo’s and make comments.

(Andrew Lunn Photography) Food Foodie London LunndonEye Market Streatham Sat, 01 Nov 2014 10:05:25 GMT
Thank you David Jenner A few years ago I was introduced to David Jenner at a friends Stag do and we stayed in touch since via Facebook. We share interests in golf and a beer like many people and more recently we have spoken about photography. David is a Graphic Designer by trade and a fantastic photographer. Check  his site out 

He lives outside of London and was keen for a morning shot to capture the sunrise. We were on Waterloo Bridge just after 6.30am and sunrise was due just around 7.18am so we had time to pick our spot. There is often a 20-30 minute window to capture the sky at it's best so we walked along the south bank to Westminster. Westminster bridge was closed for a charity run which started around 9am. I explained that I requested for the bridge to be closed whilst he was on one of my #LunndonEye tours, haha! 

We had a good few hours and I learned more useful tips and ideas. He's generous with his time and has been like a mentor in recent weeks as I quiz him on various techniques for taking and editing photo's. 

So thanks David..... You've been a great help so far and I owe you a beer or 2 & maybe a round of golf to say thanks for the advice.


(Andrew Lunn Photography) BigBen DavidJenner Dawn London Thanks Westminster Wed, 15 Oct 2014 13:42:38 GMT
Millenium Bridge to St Pauls


I took this photo last Friday evening... It's a cracking bridge that looks spectacular in the evening.


(Andrew Lunn Photography) London Millenium Bridge Night Photography River Thames StPauls Wed, 15 Oct 2014 11:07:01 GMT
Welcome To Andrew Lunn Photography Hello and welcome to Andrew Lunn Photography.

I have enjoyed photography for many years and since Social Media has enabled sharing to be so quick and easy, my passion really shot to a new level. I have cycled all over London with my camera and captured many of the great landmarks. I started off with my iPhone and when Instagram came along it was like a new world as I could edit and enhance basic photo's. Add an SLR Camera into the equation and I was seriously hooked. 

I will start my blog with a photo taken a few months back, ironically not by me but it is of me. This photo was taken by a French photographer called Fred. I passed him on Lambeth bridge and we got speaking for 2 hours. He shared tips and stories about his history of photography and desire to get back into it after a spell away. I'm always keen to learn and valued what he shared.

I like this photo because it captures me doing what I love in London.  London is a vibrant city that I love to explore and share with others in my own ways. 

Please check out my Facebook page #LunndonEye and connect with me on my other social media feeds



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